When I picked up a camera for the very first time, nothing had ever felt so natural—like it was something I was meant to do

That’s partly because it runs in my family. My grandfather was a professional photographer, and my mom has always loved to shoot. For me, photography is the perfect marriage of my artist’s heart and tech-savvy mind. Capturing breathtaking beauty and utterly unique moments lets my creativity shine, and the images are elevated by my use of the absolute best technology—my inner geek simply has to shoot with all the latest and greatest gear.
I’m also obsessed with love stories, so chronicling couples at the start of their greatest adventure is truly an honor. Yours belongs to no one but you and almost 500 weddings later, capturing that connection feels more meaningful than ever.

My approach is simple

I make sure you enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

I’ve been told my superpower is making people feel comfortable—I know when to step in and help gently guide you, and when to step out, to let you simply be. My natural intuition has been honed by years of experience so that I can tell just what kind of energy a moment requires, from the poignant intimacy of a first look to the exuberant cheers-ing of groomsmen. My desire to go the extra mile makes the day effortlessly flow, so that you feel truly connected as a couple, surrounded by the love and joy of your family and friends.
Because creating stunning images isn’t enough; you’re entrusting me to capture your once-in-a-lifetime memories. First and foremost, you’ll feel incredible in each moment, then blown away by how it’s captured.

I met Weston, the love of my life, when he sat next to me on a flight (thanks, Delta!). From that ridiculously cute start, our story’s only gotten better. He’s a helicopter pilot and I’m a jet-setting photographer, which truly tells you a lot about us. Now we have a daughter who wants to get out and see the world just as much as her parents.
We love to travel but since we live in sun-soaked San Diego, we’re happy staying local too. Hiking, beaching, snowboarding, amusement parking—basically any kind of adventuring is tops on our list. And the best days always end with a family sushi dinner.

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Brene Brown… Need I say more? She has a way of bringing to light those stories you tell yourself. She finds a very approachable way to those hard conversations around vulnerability and living a whole hearted life.

Master Class - I love to learn and grow in every area of my life and Master class has a little bit of everything.  I decided to do the annual subscription and master everything from coffee making to creating better habits.

I LOVE working out! My current obsession is F45.  The coaches at our North Park location keep me challenged and keep the music cranked.  Feeling strong is so important for longevity and happiness for me.

I'm so lucky to live in California and I never take it for granted. From beach days, to exploring new cultural experiences and cuisine- there is always something to love. You will often find me strawberry picking with my daughter, exploring a farmer's market or visiting the many amazing restaurants San Diego has to offer.  There is always something or some place I have not yet experience in San Diego and I love that about this beautiful city.

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Over the last few years of photographing couples,  I get so many great ideas by seeing what other brides are finding for their wedding day and events surrounding the day.  I decided to curate those finds into a list for my future couples.  (That is you!) 

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